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ISIL Newsletter
ISIL Year Book of International Humanitarian and Refugee Law
Year Book 2004
International Humanitarian Law: Challenges in the-Twenty-First Century
- V.S.Mani
Asylum, Human Rights and State Measures Against Immigration Flows: State Prerogative or Disguised Refoulement
- Federico Lenzerini
The International Legal Framework Concerning Statelessness: A Case Study of the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti
- Carol A. Batchelor
Prohibited Weapons in Armed Conflicts
- Wing Commander U.C. Jha
The Afghan Refugees Post-9/11: Dilemmas and Prospects
- S.Y. Surendra Kumar
The Creation of Another Court: A Case Study of Special Court for; Sierra Leone
- Manoj Kumar Sinha
International Dimensions of Refugee Law
- Sumbul Rizvi
The Situation in Darfur: Possible Security Council Referral to International Criminal Court
- Dr. T. V. G.N.S. Sudhakar
Chain of Command and War Crimes: Yamashita Revisjed
- Prof. R.C. Hingorani
Outcasts in Their Own Country - Internally Displaced People in Sri Lanka
- V. Suryanarayan
Darfur Crisis: Acid Test for International Criminal Law
- Anupam Jha
International Refugee Law: The Convention Plus Challenges to International Humanitarian Law in the Contemporary Context
Note on International Protection

Specific Groups and Individuals Mass Exoduses and Displaced Persons Report to the Representative of the Secretary General or Internally displaced persons.

Speaking Points for Mr. Ruud Lubbers, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, at the Third meeting of the High Commissioner's Forum

UNESCO Declaration Concerning the Intentional Destruction of Cultural Heritage

Protocol on Explosive Remnants of War (Protocol V to the, 1980 Convention), 28 November 2003
Refugee Law and Policy in India
- Padmini
Forced Migration in the South Asian Regionl Displacement, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution
- Asijf Rashid A.
Bibliography on International Humanitarian & Refugee Law 2004.  
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