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Indian Society of International Law
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ISIL Newsletter
The Indian Society of International Law (ISIL), a premier national institution for teaching, research and promotion of international law, was established in 1959, primarily due to the efforts of the late V.K. Krishna Menon. It has indeed been a long and fulfilling journey for the ISIL that it has earned a pride of place among the community of international lawyers through out the world. This would not have been possible but for the hard work put in by people, such as Judge Nagendra Singh, Dr. K.Krishna Rao, Shri. G.S.Pathak, Justice R.S.Pathak, Shri Ram Niwas Mirdha, Prof.Harnam Singh, Prof.C.J.Chacko, Shri.K.Narayana Rao, Dr.Anand Prakash, Prof. B.S.N.Murthi, Shri C.V.L.Narayan, Prof.M.K.Nawaz, Prof.R.P.Anand, Prof. Rahmatu Mali Khan, Shri.G.V.G. Krishnamurthi, Dr. P.Chandrasekhara Rao, Dr.S.P.Jagota, Dr.R.K.Dixit, Dr.P.Sreenivasa Rao and a host of others.

The objectives of the ISIL inter alia are:
To foster nation-wide, the study and development of international law;
To interpret through its forums and publications, the application of international law as chiefly affecting India;
To encourage the comparative study of the application of international law in other states; and
To promote research in international law.

In more than four decades of its existence, the ISIL, under the leadership and guidance of distinguished persons, has grown into a prestigious research and teaching centre of international law in India. At present it enjoys the dedicated stewardship of its President Shri Ram Niwas Mirdha.

In its endeavour to disseminate international law, the ISIL has traditionally received whole-hearted support and cooperation from the various Ministries, particularly External Affairs, Finance, and Environment and Forests, of the Government of India. The ISIL has benefited from the guidance and support of many judges-present and former-of the Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court.

The ISIL is housed at V.K.Krishna Menon Bhawan, Bhagwan Dass Road, opposite to the Supreme Court of India and next to the Indian Law Institute (ILI). It has two in house air-conditioned conference halls with a seating capacity of 80 &100 respectively, a full-fledged air-conditioned auditorium of 250 seats for organising seminars/conferences and symposiums, a number of class rooms, office spaces etc.
The Society also started bestowing the ISIL Doctoral Scholarships to Ph.D. Research Scholar registered in the Indian universities. There are two scholarships during an academic year. The beneficiaries are preferred by the Committee appointed by the Executive Council.

Rules for the Award of ISIL Doctoral Scholarships

1. The following rules shall be called "The Indian Society of International Law (ISIL) Doctoral Scholarships" (Hereafter scholarships).
2 . There shall be two scholarships during an academic year.
3 . The amount of each scholarship shall be Rs. 10,000/-.
4 . Each scholarship will be awarded for duration of six months.
5 . An applicant shall be eligible for the scholarship provided.
(i) he/ she obtains a certificate from his supervisor and the Head of the Department or Dean of the Law School/ Principal that his/ her thesis is in an advanced stage:
(ii) that the award of the scholarship is essential for collection of advanced materials, which is not available within his/her university library:
(iii) he/she should not be recipient of any other scholarship or getting any remuneration:
(iv) a copy of the final dissertation / thesis to be submitted to the ISIL:

6. The applications in this regard shall be considered by a Selection Committee appointed by the Executive Council (EC).
7. The subject matter of the thesis should be such that it would be in the view of the Selection Committee, enrich or contribute to the existing knowledge of international law.
8. The applicant should send along with his / her application and the documents as mentioned in Rule 5.
9. Applications shall reach the ISIL before 30th of May each year.
10. The decision of the Selection Committee shall be final and no queries shall be entertained from any applicant regarding the process of selection.
ISIL offers an internship programme for LL. B. students providing opportunities to become involved with the research work of our society. All positions are based in ISIL require a minimum commitment of 8 hours per day. All internships are unpaid.

How to Apply:

Request for internships should be send to us from Director/Dean/Head of Department recommending the name of students.

Indian Society of International Law
V.K. Krishna Menon Bhavan
9, Bhagwan Dass Road,
New Delhi-110001.
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