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ISIL Newsletter
ISIL Year Book of International Humanitarian and Refugee Law
Year Book 2003
Can International Humanitarian Law Play an Effective Role in Occupied Iraq?
- 'Lyal S. Sunga
Gender Aspects of Statelessness and Irregular Migrant Workers from Burma in Thailand
- Tang Lay Lee
The Contribution of Humanitarian Law to Gender Justice in Asia through the International Criminal Court
- Ilaria Bottigliero
International Humanitarian Law "War on Terror" in Afghanistan
- Hisakazu Fujita
International Protection of Refugees and China's Practices
- Liang Shuying
International Humanitarian Law and State Responsibility in 21st Century
- Prasit Aekaputra
Refugees as Human Dimensions of National Security
- Sumbul Rizvi
Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court
- B.C. Nirmal
The Montagnard Asylum Seekers: the Importance of Protecting the Human Rights of Refugees
- A. Loper
Protection of Refugees in Africa : A Regional Perspective
- Manoj Kumar Sinha
Protocols Against Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants: Implications for Refugee Protection
- Burra Srinivas
The I CJ 's decision in Congo v. Belgium and the International Criminal Court
- Goran Sluiter
Refugees Right to Work: An Indian Perspective
- U C Jha
Refugee Protection  
United Nations (U.N.) Security Council: Resolution 1502 (Protection of United Nations Personnel, Associated Personnel and Humanitarian Personnel in Conflict Zones).

Seoul Resolution on International Humanitarian Law- AALCO Forty Second Session

Guidelines on International Protection: Cessation of Refugee Status under Article 1C(5) and (6) of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees (the "Ceased Circumstances" Clauses)

Guidelines on International Protection: Application of the Exclusion Clauses: Article IF of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. Executive Committee Conclusions General Conclusion on International Protection (No. 95 (LIV) - 2003).

Executive Committee Conclusions Conclusion on the Return of Persons Found not to be in Need of International Protection (No. 96 (LIV) - 2003).

Executive Committee Conclusions Conclusion on Protection Safeguards in Interception Measures (No. 97 (LIV) - 2003). Executive Committee Conclusions Conclusion on Protection from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (No. 98 (LIV) - 2003).

The Missing: Action to Resolve the Problem of People Unaccounted for as a Result of Armed Conflict or Internal Violence and to Assist their Families International Conference of Governmental and Non-Governmental Experts, Geneva, 19-21 February 2003

Belgium's Amendment to The Law of June 15, 1993 (As Amended by the Law of February 10, 1999 and April 23, 2003) Concerning the Punishment of Grave Breaches of Humanitarian Law.
The Refugee Convention 50 Years on: Globalization and International Law
- B.S.Chimni
Humanitarian Intervention by the United Nations
- B.C. Nirmal
The Elsewhere People : Cross-Border Migration, Refugee Protection and State Response
- Ch. Benarji
Refugee Problems in Asia and Africa: The Role of UNHCR
- Pooja Ahluwalia
A Guide to Mine Action
- Mallika Joseph
Select Bibliography on International Humanitarian and Refugee Law
- Meenakshi Bhan
isil executive council publications international law