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ISIL Newsletter
ISIL Year Book of International Humanitarian and Refugee Law
(VOLUME I - 2001)
Statement by the President of ISIL
Statement by the Deputy Head of Regional Delegation, ICRC
Statement by the Chief of Mission, UNHCR
International Humanitarian Law with Particular Reference to International Criminal Court
- Rajinder Sachar
Special Protection of Children During Armed Conflicts Under the Geneva Conventions Regime
- R.K. Dixit
Promoting Humanitarian Law at the National Level: Usefulness of National Bodies
- Umesh Kadam
Protection of Cultural Property Under International Humanitarian Law: Some Emerging Trends
- P. Ishivara Bhat
Laws of Armed Conflict and Environmental Protection: An Analysis of Their Inter-relationship
- R.A. Malviya
Refugees and Human Rights
- B.C. Nirmal
Refugees in India: Legal Frame-work, Law Enforcement and Security
- T. Ananthachari
Resolution of The Problem of Boat People : The Case for A Global Initiative
- A. Lakshmana Chetty
The Gender Element in International Refugee Law : Its Impact on Agency Programming and the North-South Debate
- Sushil Raj
Towards a Regime for the Protection of Internally Displaced Persons
- Promod Nair
Common Article 3 of Geneva Conventions, 1949 in the Era of International Criminal Tribunals.
- M. Gandhi
Protection of Cultural Property During Armed Conflict: Recent Developments
- Neeru Chadha
Protection of the Environment During Armed Conflicts : A Case Study of Kosovo
- Manoj Kumar Sinha
India's Perception of Refugee Law
- Markandey Katju
Need for National Refugee Law
- V. Suryanarayan
Refugees in the International and National Framework
- Sanjay Parikh
Burden-sharing - Discussion paper submitted by UNHCR Fifth Annual Plenary Meeting of the APC
Revitalizing the Refugee Protection Regime: The Road Ahead as the 1951 Convention turns 50
Model National Law on Refugees
The Chemical Weapons Convention Act, 2000
V. Suryanarayan and V. Sudersen, Betiveen fear and Hope : Sri Lankan Refugees in Tamil Nadu (T.R. Publications Private Ltd., Chennai, 2000)
- S.D. Muni
C.R. Abrar and Shahdeen Malik, Towards National Refugee Laws in South Asia (Refugee and Migratory Movement's Research Unit, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2000)
B.S. Chimni, International Refugee Law: A Reader, (Sage Publications, New Delhi, 2000)
- Jeff Crisp
Mahendra P. Lama, Managing Refugees in South Asia : Protection Aid, State Behaviour and Regional Approach, Occasional Paper, No.4, (Refugee and Migratory Movement, Research Unit, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)
- T. Ananthachari
Manoj Kumar Sinha, Basic Documents on International Human Rights and Refugee Laws (Manak Publications, New Delhi, 2000)
- Jayant Tripathi
Pradip Kumar Bose (Ed), Refugees in West Bengal : Institutional Practices and Contested Identities (Calcutta Research Group, Calcutta, 2000)
- Mahendra P. Lama
UNHCR, The State of the World's Refugees: Fifty Years of Humanitarian Action (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2000)
- V. Suryanarayan
Macro Sassoli and Antoine A. Bouvire, How Does Law Protect in War? Cases and Documents and Teaching Materials on Contemporary Practice in International Humanitarian Law (International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva, 1999)
- Prof B. Errabbi
Select Bibliography
- Manoj Kumar Sinha
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