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Monthly Discussion
"International Law in the New Crimean Conflict: Facts and Norms Governing Secession and Annexation", 04-04-2014 at 5.00 PM, ISIL
"12th V. K. Krishna Menon Memorial Lecture on "India and the World" by Hon'ble Shri Shiv Shankar Menon" delivered on 22 March 2013 at ISIL
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Post Graduate Diploma

International Law and

Human Rights, International
Humanitarian and Refugee Law.

International Trade and
Business Law.

Intellectual Property
Rights Law.

Environmental Law.

Private International Law.

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Forthcoming Events

22-23 March 2014 : Two Days International Conference on International Law and Intellectual Property Rights Laws, Jointly Organized by the ISIL and Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, Delhi
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11-12 April 2014 : 43rd Annual Conference
Invitation Letter
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May 2014 : Training Programme for the Officer Trainees of the Indian Economic Service
26 May to 6 June 2014 : Summer Course on International Law
June 2014 : V. K. Krishna Menon Lecture
1 September 2014 : Convocation and Inauguration of the P. G. Diploma Courses
16-18 January 2015 : International Conference
Past Events
3 February 2014 : Special Lecture by Prof. Mark Perry, Professor, University of New England, Australia
16 - 20 December 2013 : Fourth Winter Course on Trade and Investment Laws
14 - 16 November 2013 : 4th Biennial Conference of the Asian Society of International Law, Hosted by: The Indian Society of International Law.
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Student workshop on Research in International Law

"Abstracts" of the 4th Biennial Conference

Author Brief
Day - 2 - A - 1
Day - 2 - A - 2
Day - 2 - A - 3
Day - 2 - B - 4
Day - 2 - B - 5
Day - 3 - D - 5
21 - 25 October 2013 : Training Programme for Indian Economic Service Officers
19 - 22 September 2013 : 13th Henry Dunant Memorial Moot Court Competition 2013 (National Round)
13 September 2013 : A Special Lecture on "International Law and the Use of Force: What Happens in Practice?" by Sir Michael Wood, Member, International Law Commission
22 - 23 August 2013 : Training Workshop for Indian Forest Service Officers on IPR and WTO Accountability
27 May - 7 June 2013 : 12th Summer Course on International Law
03 May 2013 : Monthly Discussion on "India and Pakistan Water Relations: A Look at the Kishanganga"
on 3 May, 2013 at 5.00 PM, ISIL
20 - 21 April 2013 : 42nd Annual Conference of the Indian Society of International Law, 2013
About ISIL
We see that in other spheres the world has progressed tremendously. Its productive growth, its economic and technological growth due to scientific advancement has beed colossal. It may be said that international organization and international law heve not kept pace with this advance which is posing so many problems before us. We have to catch up before the gap widenss and there is always a possibility to cracking up, of disaster. This aspect of the matter is of vital significance in that the effectiveness of international law is of concern to every single individual....

The quarterly journal
Indian Journal of
International Law (IJIL) has
been published by the ISIL
since 1960. The Journal has
acquired the distinction of
being a premier legal
periodical from the Third
World ......
Year Book
The ISIL also publishes ISIL Year
Book of International
Humanitarian and Refugee
Law, focusing on the
development of international
humanitarian law (IHL) and
refugee law. Besides articles,
notes and comments, book
reviews, ......
Special Cources
Summer Course on International Law
The ISIL organises every year a Summer Course in international law to bring to you the current developments and their importance.
27 May - 07 June:
12th Summer Course on International Law

Winter Course on International Law:
Fourth Winter Course on Trade and Investment Law
16 - 20 December 2013

Other Relevant Information
The Hague Academy of International Law
The Rights of Women and Elimination of Discrimination
18 August - 5 September 2014

Venice Academy of Human Rights 2014 - "Judicial Legitimacy and the Rule of Law"

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